The truth about the troll-deviant-criminal Paul Collins from Barrhead, Glasgow, now in Bannow, Co. Wexford..In 2009, Stephen Manning issued a defamation lawsuit against The Missing Link’s older brother and another individual who was then the secretary of the local soccer club. They had lodged a false allegation with the soccer authorities to try to get Mr Manning removed from refereeing. It backfired spectacularly, and Mr Manning eventually won a substantial settlement in the Courts. (Link coming soon)

During the 2.5 year course of legal proceedings, Mr Manning came under merciless attack from ‘unknown sources’ which were subsequently identified by Mr Manning as three senior Gardai in collaboration with The Missing Link and his brother. (Link coming soon)

In February 2010, two ‘heavies’ who reportedly worked as enforcers for drugs gangs were hired to break Mr Manning’s legs. That attack descended into farce when they went to the wrong house and were then tailed by a concerned neighbour who thought they were stealing heating oil. (Link coming soon)

One of the heavies was shot dead a month later in extremely suspicious circumstances which implicates the authorities in a series of criminal cover-ups. (Link coming soon)

The secretary of the soccer club (who signed the original defamatory letter in 2009) is currently the Chairperson of the local branch of a major political party.

Several ‘interesting’ pseudonyms were used during the anonymous attacks on the Manning family. This included the maiden names and ancestral names of relatives of The Missing Link. One of those names stood out because it is also the ancestral name of the aforesaid senior Mayo politician. Subsequent research indicates that The Missing Link (and his brother) are no less than the first cousins of that senior Mayo politician. That politician has repeatedly failed or refused to clarify the situation, and has repeatedly failed or refused to meet the Mannings. (Link coming soon)

Mr Manning has lodged several criminal complaints with Gardai since the onset of his ‘difficulties’ in 2009. Due to the utter failure of the authorities to act, he has also lodged complaints with the Garda Ombudsman and initiated several Court cases. Despite an abundance of evidence in support of the facts, and despite other individuals also reporting The Missing Link (by name) to the authorities, no action whatsoever appears to have been taken. (Link coming soon)

In January 2013, The Missing Link, accompanied by his stepson and two uniformed Gardai, approached the Manning home unidentified, and intimidated the Manning girls aged 12 & 13 at the time. They would not identify themselves. Gardai would not disclose their identities, and a false and vexatious referral was then made to TUSLA (the HSE Child & family Agency) stating that the Manning girls were locked in the house alone for 3 days. (Link coming soon)

Also in January 2013, on the exact day that the Mannings were ordered to attend a HSE/Tusla meeting, an important hearing in a case that named 3 Gardai and a number of high-profile civil servants and judges was ‘brought forwards’ without any notification to the Plaintiff, Mr Manning. Without showing any I.D. or credentials whatsoever, The Missing Link was apparently allowed to waltz into the High Court and declare himself ‘the attorney’ to his brother - who (he said) was ‘too sick’ to attend Court. In this illegal role, and with the active participation of the Courts Service and certain judges, this criminal managed to stall or circumvent proper procedure and effectively close down legitimate Court cases which named several senior authority figures - as well as his brother - in some serious crimes. (Link coming soon)

Over the course of the following year, the Presidents of the Circuit Court, the High Court and the Court of Appeal (Justices Groarke, Kearns and Ryan) each facilitated serial and blatant abuses of the Courts system by this individual in a manner that demonstrates that these Judges have either no basic knowledge of Court rules (which is simply not credible) - or, that they were actively and knowingly facilitating a series of criminal frauds for the purposes of preventing legitimate cases from advancing.     

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