Despite scores of letters and public videos alerting ALL of the Irish authorities about what was going on, not a single fulsome response has been forthcoming other than the usual deflections and deferments, and various forms of indirect harassment such as being followed by detectives; having our phones and emails intercepted; having vexatious allegations made by local Gardai and HSE/Tusla; by having Court hearings held in our absence; by overt and covert slanders; by the use of ‘independent’ law firms (such as Arthur Cox) to block legitimate discovery orders; by directions being given to the mainstream media NOT to cover Integrity Ireland or Manning-related stories; and by the Gardai and the Courts allowing the most outrageous breaches of the law and the Constitution to go unaddressed and unpunished.

But to get back to the immediate point at hand: Who then is The Missing Link, and why have all of the institutions and agencies of the state repeatedly failed to deal with him lawfully - despite all of the evidence of serious and repeated wrongdoing?

Well, the obvious answer when considering the rampant cronyism and corruption in this country is to assume that perhaps ‘someone important’ had a word with ‘someone else’ in a position of authority to ‘look after’ so-and-so. Another possibility is that our Missing Link does indeed have ‘personal connections’ not only in high places in Ireland, but also due to his criminal activities abroad, and that he has some intrinsic value to the authorities? A more simple explanation is that Gardai simply dropped the ball when they should have been investigating some very serious crimes - and now it has all gotten out of hand, with cover-up after cover-up compounding the situation. In any event, in the absence of any proper action from the Gardai, the Courts or our elected representatives, maybe this short public exposé will prompt some ‘fulsome response’ from our authorities - even if that response is only a howl of frantic indignation from those (some of whom are named below) who have - whether deliberately or knowingly or not - facilitated the crimes which this criminal deviant and his associates have committed.

For reasons which we can still only speculate about, we are simply stating ‘for the record’ that the following individuals have breached their mandates to the public, to the law and to the Constitution in various ways that have served to accommodate this criminal deviant, including by serial abuses of power and position; in variously committing or facilitating lies, deception, fraud, perjury, threats and physical assaults; by twisting, bending or ignoring the rules; by abjectly failing in their responsibilities and in effect, conspiring and colluding to protect their colleagues and cover up serious crimes (including murder); and have variously failed or refused to adhere to the most basic standards of ethical and moral probity in their dealings with us personally.

(Incomplete list of individuals).. DPP Clare Loftus; Retired Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan; previous Minister for Justice Alan Shatter TD; Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan; Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald TD; Judges Nicholas Kearns; Sean Ryan; Raymond Groarke; Rory McCabe; Margaret Heneghan; Mary Finley-Geoghegan; Minister Michael Ring TD; Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD; Garda Chief Superintendent Thomas Curley; Ch Supt Finbar (Barry) O’Brien; Asst Commissioner Naice Rice (ret); Supt Mick Murray (ret); Sgt Pat O’Hora; County Registrar Fintan Murphy; High Court Registrars Kevin O’Neill & Angela Denning….  (..and more to come)

Agencies or institutions approached without success include: An Garda Síochána, Garda Headquarters, The Ministry of Justice, The Office of the Taoiseach, various legal professionals, The Garda Ombudsman, The Courts Service, The Irish Courts, The Office of the President..

(And yes, we wholeheartedly invite any of the above persons to sue us for defamation)

And now for the million dollar question: Who IS The Missing Link?

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