The Missing Link is:

Mr Paul Collins of Blackhall House Estate, Bannow, Co. Wexford.

(Not to be confused with other decent souls with the same name)

More details and links to follow..

His older brother is:

George Collins of Slievemore Road, Dooagh, Achill, Co. Mayo.

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The ‘senior Mayo politician’ is:

Taoiseach Mr Enda Kenny TD

The secretary of the soccer club and now Chairperson of Achill Fine Gael is:

Mr Philip McNulty

The husband of Mr Kenny’s best friend is ex-Garda Sgt John Cafferkey Sr. Also the Commissioner for Oaths for George Collins who is implicated in fraud along with the Collins brothers.

John’s sister, Nora English is George Collins’ landlady, and was the Chairperson of the local School Board when they were asked (and refused) to issue a simple statement of truth about false allegations sent ‘anonymously’ to the HSE Child Protection Services.

Nora English’s son was head of Young Fine Gael in Achill at the time..

Other interesting connections and evidence to follow..

And one wonders if there could be any possible political motivations behind these repeated attacks on the Mannings; on why the Gardai have failed or refused to investigate; why the Collins brothers appear to be untouchable in our Courts; and on the REAL reason why Stephen Manning was unceremoniously cut from the 1st Independent Mayo political process in June this year?

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